Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's an Owl. Who? Whoooo? IT'S AN OWL!!!

I've been interstate for a while (hence no recent blog entries), but my fabrics from showpony have arrived! I'm very impressed: they're beautiful!

Since I've been back I've been trying to design an owl. I know there's been a bit of saturation of owls of late, but for good reason: they're interesting looking (and by all accounts wise) birds.

One of my best friends is obsessed with birds. She and her husband live with two (budgies - not owls!). And I grew up with a daggy (but lovable) dad that used to bring up the topic of owls, wait for me to start rabbiting on about them and then start interjecting my excited owl narrative with "who?", "whoooo?". I'd say "owl" over and over again (thinking he was pretty dense not to catch my drift), and he'd keep repeating "who?" with his owl-like intonation. He thought he was hilarious (and still does!). Now whenever I hear mention of owls I think of dad's "who?" (and his inevitable sniggers). It has been an ongoing family joke which I'm yet to live down.

I used Google Images to find an image of an owl I liked, then sketched it. Tomorrow I'm going to get my husband to photocopy a few copies of my sketch for me, and then once that's done, I'll have a few copies with which to sort a pattern out. I'll try it out with some left-over non-organic fabrics to see whether (or not) it's a worthwhile endeavour. Wish me luck!!


  1. Bird obsessed person here & one of the best friends (Woo hoo). Really like all the prints shown though insect soup is my favourite.

    Where is Jiyong Mushroom Bear? Has he shown his adorable little face yet?

  2. No, he really is just that dense.
    Love Em. x