Sunday, November 29, 2009

Y0omii Gear Arrives!

Hey there! I'm sorry about the lull in conversation.

Y0omii's long awaited creations arrived about a week ago - and they're absoloutely adorable! The 19 month old in my life refused to let go of them!! When I'm more organised I'll post an image of my four new friends.

Thank you so much Sherry for all the special effort you went to to research organic fibres etc and all the care you went to in making my organic toys. I really, really appreciate it!

All the best for your trip to South Korea! I hope you really enjoy your adventure and visiting your friend. From the sounds of it you really deserve a decent break!

Thanks again, and take care,


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  1. Hi Rosie!! I just dropped by your blog to see how you were doing and saw this message for me! ^____^ It made me really happy to read your message. My trip to South Korea was amazing! It was so much fun and 2 weeks definitely was not enough time to see everything. I travelled around alot, visiting 3 different cities (Seoul, Daegu, Busan). Seoul was tons of fun. There's so much to see and do, I never got bored there. Daegu was where my friend was living when she was teaching in Korea (she came back home to Toronto at the end of January). I met one of her friends there who is also from Australia! So, it made me think of you :) I travelled down to Busan which is located in the southern most part of Korea's peninsula, and the weather there was beautiful. It was still a bit chilly, but the beaches were beautiful! I loved the beaches there. We visited 2 different beaches, and went to this park known as "Taejongdae" and over there we went to the light house. It was so nice being by the Sea and seeing SO many mountains! It was really an amazing trip. I think I will tell you more about it in a later email! I have tons of photos that I'd love to show you as well :) So expect to hear form me again soon ^^ hehe